Get a quote for a Water Tank in the Cape Town area

Save 90% of your Water Bill

Reduce your water and energy bills. Get off the grid

Get a quote for a Water Tank in the Cape Town area

Get a quote for a Water Tank in the Cape Town area


Harvest your Rainwater in Cape Town

Harvest your Rainwater in Cape Town

The next step. Harvest your rainwater

What we can do for you

    • Harvest your rainwater to supplement municipal water. Get you off the grid
    • Re-cycle your greywater to irrigate your garden. 
    • Re-use greywater in schools & offices and factories. A Green solution
    • Re-use your backwashed pool water to save water.
    • Save on toilet flushing with Water Rapsody Multi Flush
    • Save up to 90% of your municipal water bill with our products
    • Unique energy saving technology for geysers and residential homes

Why Water Rhapsody?

  • Founded in 1994. A wealth of experience
  • Winner of the WWF Green Trust Award
  • 21 years of experience in water conservation. Now in energy.
  • Over 4000 installations in SA. 
  • Clients include Old Mutual, Wits, Uct
  • Free quotations to green your homes. Get a free quote today
  • Nationwide coverage and seeking more dealers to help
  • Enthusiastic and knowledgeable franchisees
  • Read what our customers are saying here: Customers

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