Pluto Blue Sky

Pluto’s Blue Atmosphere and Red Ice_ HD Images

Big news from NASA again this week as they discovered that Pluto has red water ice and blue skies. The latest images released, taken by the New Horizons mission, reveals red water ice on the planets surface and an almost Earth like sky against the darkness of space. The red ice has astronomers exited, but baffled. Scientist are still working on trying to explain the reddish tints. The new photo of Pluto’s hazes was processed to show the colour the human eye would see if it was looking at the […]

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Weird Water

Weird Water_ Strangest liquid on Earth

Water is the only substance on Earth whose chemical formula has entered the vernacular. We all know H2O, even if we don’t understand precisely what it means. But if it sounds simple, the reality is different. This common, seemingly boring substance baffles and confuses anyone who peers at it for long enough. Water breaks all the rules. Since the 19th century, chemists have developed a robust framework to describe what liquids are and what they can do. Those ideas are almost useless at explaining the weird behaviour of water. Its […]

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Global warming drought

Global Warming_ Hotting things up in 2015-2016

“It looks very likely that globally 2014, 2015 and 2016 will all be amongst the very warmest years ever recorded,” Rowan Sutton of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, which contributed to the report, told journalists. “This is not a fluke,” he said. “We are seeing the effects of energy steadily accumulating in the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere, caused by greenhouse gas emissions.” The rate at which global temperatures are increasing is also on track to pick up in the coming years, ending a period of more than a decade […]

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