Volcanic eruption

Man made “volcanoes” to cool down the planet could lead to water shortages

Erupting volcanoes inject particles -sulfate aerosols- high up into the the atmosphere which spreads out and reflect sunlight back into space. The eruption of Pinatubo for example, discharged some 17 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide 40 kilometers into the lower atmosphere, where it lingered for several years. Advocates of “radiation management’ have proposed injecting massive quantities of similar particles by means of cannons , planes or giant tubes to simulate the effects of a volcano. The reason for this is that these particles that reflect the sunlight effectively “cools down” […]

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Tina Joemat Petterson

More independent power bidders gets the go-ahead.

Energy minister Tina Joemat-Petterson has announced the 10 preferred bidders in the small projects renewable energy independent power producers. The announcement was made on Monday when she opened the South African International Renewable Energy Conference.  “We have also been aware of creating opportunities for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in our renewable energy program,” the minister said. “The intention is to assist small developers to gain assistance in project development, as well as in raising the necessary funding projects of this nature” The 10 preferred bidders are Adams Solar PV, Bellatrix […]

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el nino

El Nino_ and what it means for South Africa

Extract from the South African Weather Service How does ENSO affect South Africa? The impact of ENSO on South Africa   Although the southern part of Africa generally receives below-normal rainfall during El Nino years and La Nina usually brings normal or above-normal rainfall, it cannot be accepted as a rule. Southern Africa can be divided into numerous rainfall regions, each region having a different correlation with ENSO. Also, ENSO explains only approximately 30% of the rainfall variability, which means that other factors should also be taken into account when […]

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Water on Mars

Where the river flows (on Mars)

news.discovery.com- Following the discovery of liquid water gushing over the slopes of Mars this week, the world went Mars Mad_ Again. However news of water on Mars is Hardly a new discovery. We have known for some time now that locked within Mars there is frozen water and that in some point in the planets history it had rivers, lakes and seas. However liquid water on a global scale on modern Mars is one of the most exiting discoveries yet. On Earth, all life as we know it uses liquid […]

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