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Cape Town could be faced with water restrictions

News 24. Water restrictions could very well be on the cards for Cape Town this summer. The municipality reported that the six major dams which supply Cape Town and the surrounding region were at 74% and although this is not critically low, it is lower than the average over the past 20 years. The City as well as other stakeholders will meet with National government to discuss possible restrictions. Restrictions are implemented to conserve our resources and to ensure continual supply to users. “Because Cape Town is situated in a […]

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Rainwater Harvesting

Something to think about…

With falling dam levels and talks of water rationing in the Western Cape, it is time to consider becoming more self sufficient when it comes to our own water needs. With a wide range of water saving, harvesting and reuse solutions, Water Rhapsody is the market leader in South Africa.  

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Why Water Rhapsody?

What we can do for you  Harvest your rainwater to supplement municipal water. Get you off the grid Re-cycle your greywater to irrigate your garden.  Re-use greywater in schools & offices and factories. A Green solution Re-use your backwashed pool water to save water. Save on toilet flushing with Water Rapsody Multi Flush Save up to 90% of your municipal water bill with our products Unique energy saving technology for geysers and residential homes Why Water Rhapsody? Founded in 1994. A wealth of experience 21 years of experience in water conservation. […]

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