Pastor Tiny Coupar
Sonstraal, Durbanville

22 February 2016

Towards the end of January 2016, I began interacting with Brendon Feun of Cape Water Harvest, firstly through his internet website and then directly through email as to the feasibility of installing a grey water system into my property in Sonstraal, Durbanville.

Brendon’s patience in answering my questions and his sincere recommendations as to what system would best suit my property as well as the budget I was working with without compromising on equipment or efficiency was truly professional and a very welcome relief.

Having paid my deposit, it was truly a joy to see Brendon and his team arrive on site on the day he said he would and complete the full installation in the time frame he committed to.   This aspect of Brendon’s professionalism was equally matched with his and his teams attention to detail and craftsmanship as they set about re configuring my waste pipes into the grey water system, as well as installing a “Rainrunner” harvest system coupled into a 1000 litre free standing water tank.

From the very outset of the system being completely installed, we have enjoyed a trouble free operation with our garden and bird life already enjoying the benefits we have in paying for water once but using it twice.

As a testimony to Brendon’s commitment to after sales service, and in response to a query I had, he, without hesitation journeyed back to my property and assisted me with a minor adjustment with his refusing any payment for the extra work.

In all things, and at all times, Brendon always showed himself and proved himself by his actions to be a pleasant and easy mannered and responsible young man to his responsibilities and his commitments.

It is without hesitation that I write with the absolute assurance that Brendon will be an asset to any organisation, institution, or people, for I have little doubt he will always give of his best in anything he is given or asked to participate in.


Kind Regards,
Tiny Coupar


Timothy Reid

05 January 2016

My wife and I recently purchased a home in Thornton. I have been aware of the water rhapsody system for a while now, but as we were renting at our previous address we never considered installing it. However, having bought the home in Thornton and with the current water crisis and restrictions that are in effect, we decided to take the plunge and install the system.

Dealing with Brendon was an absolute pleasure, from the first contact when he came to do the quote to the final installation. He was very friendly and knowledgeable.

On the day of the installation Brendon and Serge who assisted with the installation were really efficient and a pleasure to deal with.They also assisted me with fitting and commissioning a new well point pump and also fitted a toilet flushing mechanism to reduce water us

The installation that they did is very neat and doesn’t look out of place in the back garde

I can already see a reduction in our water usage and it makes my wife and I happy to know that we have done our part in trying to save water. It is very rewarding to hear the sprinklers switch on knowing that the water is being reused and not being wasted.

I would highly recommend having this system installed and would like to commend Brendon again on his fantastic service.



Simon Nicks
Environmenal Planner and Urban Designer
Fynbos Conservation Award winner 2009
Johnny Walker Celebrating Strides nominee 2010

17 years ago, as I became aware of the impact our lifestyles were having on our
environment and coupled with a growing sceptism of big corporates, from Simon-Nicks1-243x300municipalities to private sector conglomerates, I looked around for more opportunities to go off the grid.  We already had a solar hot water heating system installed in 1987 which is still going strong today! We were busy planning new bathrooms and looking at options for rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling. The search was difficult with most information originating out of California and it seemed that we would have to put together our own system working with very cynical local plumbers when we came across Jeremy Westgarth-Taylor at Water Rhapsody. Jeremy was an inspirational breath of fresh air, a non-materialistic idealist with a strong practical streak – seemingly out of step with our peers’ conspicuous consumption lifestyles but light years ahead of them in terms of what we needed to do to ensure there would still be a planet for our grandchildren. Jeremy had devised a series of water saving devices using strong robust catalogue components that could be clipped onto standard plumbing systems. As I am interested in simple and elegant design of buildings and architecture, hate the need for regular home maintenance, and being a great disciple of the “set and forget” philisophy, I scrutinised Jeremy’s systems very carefully. My wife was also an important test in that she thought that all of these ideas were a bit cranky and didn’t want to have anything to do with inventions that would cause smells, regular maintenance or lifestyle adaptations. The pool was bad enough! There didn’t seem to be any clever tricks designed to hook one into ongoing maintenance contracts and supply of overpriced essential bespoke maintenance items or patented parts only available from Jeremy – as I had found to great cost with a swimming pool filter system we had installed from another contractor. We made sure that the plumbers fitted the necessary dual plumbing systems in the new bathrooms and retrofitted them in the existing amd installed the grey water recycling system. We are happy to report that we have never used municipal water on the bottom lawn again. As you will gather we are not very good on regular maintenance but the system, whose filters do need cleaning from time to time, – usually takes 5 minutes at the end of winter – has operated successfully ever since. As you can imagine with our erratic approach to home maintenance the filters do eventually block up with lint etc. At this point the overflow to the sewer kicks in and we never suffer any problems other noticing the garden sprinkler doesn’t come on. We then clean the filters and off it goes. The cleaning is also simple and the parts robust enough to enable unskilled staff to do it. We still get a great sense of satisfaction after showering or letting the bath water out to go and watch the sprinkler working. Our staff think the system is magic. We have enthusiastically endorsed the product to friends and family over the past 15 years and have not heard a single complaint. There are now the very attractive Water Rhapsody signs in every street in our neighbourhood. My wife’s sister has had a double system installed in the front and back of her house. Her husband is a perfectionist engineer with the council who watches the pennies very carefully but they, too, have been very happy with their system.

The Late Professor Kader Asmal
Former Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry

11 February 2010
To Whom it may Concern:
Garden Rhapsody Grey Water Re-using System

It is very rare that a product, in this case, a new product gives so much satisfaction. Kader_Asmal2We were one of the first to have this
system installed. My officials at the Department of Water Affairs in Pretoria – I was the Minister at that time – warned me against this system as it would destroy my garden. As a matter of fact, the grass and the shrubs have flourished. During the drought about four years ago, when there were severe restrictions on garden water use, mine flourished because of the grey water. The service is excellent, even putting up with a smiling face with the idiocies of the owner, in this case me, who could not unravel the pipes. I have no hesitation in commending this system, its service and delivery, not only as a good example of water conservation and for beautifying the garden, but also as an excellent example of entrepreneurship.
Yours sincerely
Professor Kader Asmal
Former Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry