Property owners who disregard bylaws and continue to dispose of their chlorinated swimming pool water onto city streets could be forced to drain it into their gardens.

backwash pool water

Johannesburg Roads Agency is to enforce the bylaw after its infrastructure was damaged as a result of chlorinated water entering its systems.

JRA spokesman Bertha Peters-Scheepers said there was an increasing tendency to illegally dispose of chlorine-filled pool water onto the streets.

“The city’s bylaws prohibit the discharging of pool water onto the road surface. It is the owner of such property’s responsibility to divert swimming pool water into the nearest formalised storm water system. The owner must also carry the cost. Formal permission to discharge water into JRA’s storm water system must be obtained in writing from the JRA maintenance depot in the region,” she said.

The amount of chlorinated water illegally disposed of and destroying the city’s key treatment infrastructure could run into millions of litres.

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