Tina Joemat PettersonEnergy minister Tina Joemat-Petterson has announced the 10 preferred bidders in the small projects renewable energy independent power producers. The announcement was made on Monday when she opened the South African International Renewable Energy Conference. 

“We have also been aware of creating opportunities for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in our renewable energy program,” the minister said. “The intention is to assist small developers to gain assistance in project development, as well as in raising the necessary funding projects of this nature”

The 10 preferred bidders are Adams Solar PV, Bellatrix Solar PV‚ Du Plessis Solar PV4‚ Steynsrus PV2‚ Heuningspruit PV1‚ Steynsrus PV1‚ Klawer Wind Farm‚ Hopefield Community Wind Farm‚ George Small-scale Biomass to Energy, and Busby Renewables (Biomass).

The announcement comes after Ms Joemat-Pettersson announced 13 preferred bidders in the program’s June window bid. The 13 projects are slated to supply an additional 1‚084MW to the national grid.

“South Africa’s renewable program is not only about electricity, but also broader empowerment. The contribution of these projects to the broader national development objectives‚ including economic development‚ social upliftment‚ job creation‚ broad-based economic empowerment and development of small and women-owned vendors‚ are a hallmark of the program and it is these contributions that we are watching with pride‚” she said.

(Business-Day Live).