Positioning of rainwater tanks

One of the biggest problems of rainwater tanks is their obtrusiveness.  The size of the tanks has made it impractical to have them standing on a property literally outside a door or window. The perception despite their usefulness is that they are ugly.  The beauty of the Water Rhapsody Rain Runner is that water tank/s no longer need to be positioned where they have traditionally been perceived.  Now rainwater tanks may be positioned anywhere on a property as long as the height of the Water Rhapsody Rain Runner is higher than the head of the rainwater tank/s.  The Water Rhapsody Rain Runner will sieve the rainwater of any debris to get this clean water to flow by gravity in an underground ring main around a building, to flow into rainwater tank/s.  There are usually numerous outlets from a roof, so each of the rainwater outlets are teed into the ring main.